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Drew Barrymore was in a rush to go to work, she was starring in a new movie, but on her way to the studios something hapened that completely changed her day, she was driving really fast, she was speeding, and she hit a woman.
She was really late for work but there was no way she could leave that poor woman in that situation, because not only as a public figured the press would "crucify" her for doing what she did, and it was a crime, so she canceled everything and helped the woman get up, the wounds were superficial.
"Oh my god! I'm really sorry, is there anyone that I can make it up to you?" Drew asked.
Drew was really worried, she was wearing a red skirt and leather T-strap sandals, which revealed her sexy feet and toes.
"Yeah there is something you can do, let's go to my apartment and I'll tell you" The woman said getting up, she was tall, blonde and she had green eyes.
"Ok… what's your name by the way?" Drew asked.
"Laura" she answered and they both drove to Laura's apartment, and sat on her couch, Laura was happy to bring a celebrity to her house, she never thought it could happen although she dreamed of it.
"So… what can I do for you?" Drew asked, she was curious, because she wanted to know why did they have to talk about it in Laura's apartment, why couldn't they have just talked outside on the street.
"You can let me worship your feet." Laura replied.
"Excuse me…" Drew said, she was taken aback because she didn't know exactly what it was that she wanted, but judging by the name she figured it had something to do with sex.
"You can let me lick, and massage your feet and suck on your toes." Laura explained.
"Well… I guess I do owe you that, if that's what you want" Drew said, she thought Laura was probably ask for money or ask for an autograph, or some favor, but she agreed to the foot worship because although she had never heard of it, she liked the idea of having someone licking her feet.
So Drew took her sandals off, and placed her feet on Laura's lap, and Laura grabbed her left foot and started caressing it, she wanted to feel it, feel it's temperature, and texture, she wanted to get the most of this unique moment, and Drew was loving the massage, so Laura kept massaging for some long minutes, that seemed like hours.
After a few minutes, she started massaging the other foot and than she started kissing the tops of Drew's foot which made Drew moan, Drew loved Laura's lips on her feet , and Laura kept kissing them, all over the top of her feet, the soles and the toes.
"Hmm… this is nice" Drew said.
"I'm glad you like it, but the best part is yet to come…" Laura replied, and started licking the top of her left foot, she licked it like an ice cream, and some minutes after the top of her foot was filed with her saliva, it was completely soaked.
"Hmm…I love the way you lick my foot!" Drew moaned, she was really enjoying it.
Laura changed position and started licking Drew's sole, she soaked her sole with her saliva, she licked her cute wrinkled soles as if there was no tomorrow, she was really into it.
Laura placed her tongue between Drew's toes and started licking between them sliding her tongue many times between her toes, she spent some good ten minutes on that, and then she started sucking on her toes, Laura wrapped her lips around Drew's big toe and started sucking on it enthusiastically, she than moved on to the other toes, and after they were all wet she moved on to the other foot.
"Wow you did such a great job." Drew said putting her sandals back on after being worshipped.
"No, you were the one who did an awesome job on giving me such a good opportunity to worship those beautiful feet I've been willing to worship for a long time, I hope you run me over more often with your car." Laura replied.
"Oh…Don't worry, I will!" Drew said and left.
This one is for you Possemaster! XD.
For you and for everyone who reads it but you were the one who requested so if you like the story, thank him because he was the one who made it happen.XD
But i'd alo apreciate come comments and of course more requests!
toesucker2 Featured By Owner Feb 25, 2011
I loved the story. I would love to worship Drew's feet. I like to suck on her toes and like her feet to feed me with food that she crushes under her feet. I like to suck on her nails like there is no tommorrow!
Possemaster Featured By Owner Oct 26, 2009
Glad i could help! :XD: Another fabulous story! :)
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