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Shakira was on a tour, she was doing a show today in London and she went to the hotel, to get ready for tonight's show, she planned to relax during the day so that at night she could be at her best.
She took a bath, she put her make up on, and some lotion, and than she called room service, because she wanted a massage to relax even more, and they sent someone.
"Hi, my name is Angela!" The assistant from room service said after entering the room.
"Hi" Shakira replied.
"So where do I start?" Angela asked.
"You can start by massaging my back and all the upper part, and you finish off with a foot massage. Shakira replied.
Angela massaged her whole body, the only part left were Shakira's sexy feet, her nails were painted pink, and they were really soft.
Angela grabbed Shakira's left foot and started massaging it, although Shakira didn't know Angela was into feet, and she was really turned on to be massaging Shakira's feet, she caressed her soft foot and massaged it, pressing her fingers in every area.
"Hmm…you are very talented!" Shakira moaned, and thirty minutes after, Angela moved to the other foot, where she spent the same time massaging it.
Shakira really loved a good foot massage, and Shakira could see that Angela was really into feet, due to the way she massaged her feet.
"You can lick them if you want to." Shakira said, and when Angela opened her mouth to argue, Shakira stuck her big toe in her mouth and without even thinking Angela instead of pulling if from her mouth, she kept sucking on it.
"Hmm…yeah…I knew you would like it!" Shakira said while Angela sucked on her sexy big to enthusiastically, Angela couldn't stop sucking she was really into it.
"Hmm… suck the others to, suck them one by one!" Shakira moaned, and Angela obediently moved on to the other toes and sucked on them one by one.
"Yeah…Now suck on them all at the same time." Shakira moaned, and Angela got all of her toes in her mouth and started sucking on them simultaneously.
Shakira than planted her right foot on Angela's cheek and rubbed it there which turned Angela on even more, and Angela sucked on the toes of Shakira's right foot.
"Hmm…that's great but you forgot to lick between my toes." Shakira said, and Angela licked between her toes, she slid her tongue in and out between Shakira's feet, soaking them in saliva.
"Hmm…you sure know how I like it, but I want you to lick my soles now." Shakira moaned and Angela started licking her soft soles, she loved the taste of Shakira's feet and she kept licking her soles until Shakira stopped her.
"Wow…you were really great, I'll make sure to return to this hotel, but now you must leave." Shakira said and got dressed to go to the show.
Shakira is in for the best tour of her life, i hope you all like it, and i'm still asking for requests!
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tiankuh Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2011
Sarge-89 Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2010
have you thought about doing a lesbian sex scene with shakira? i don't care who the other character would be but as long as there is some romance and a decent reason for them to be naked, like one walked in on the other while she was showering or whatever. other than that, just add details.
Possemaster Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2009
Love this! Straight and to the point! :XD: Great stuff! :)
dogtrash Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
So you like stories short and straight to the point? because mine have been quite large normally, but i thought tha people would like them better if they were big, but for me it's easier and better to do short, are they cool if they're short?
Possemaster Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
Truthfully, i like both ways! This story was just quicker with the action than the others!
dogtrash Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
I posted one with Ali Larter see if you like it.
Possemaster Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2009
OK! ;)
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